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Hey y'all!

I am so humbled you're even here, gosh.

 My name is Haley Hunt, often mistaken as a mermaid.

   I'm most likely seen with a coffee in one hand, a football in the other, working on my left-handed golf swing and have been trying to learn Spanish since I was 18. I've done a little music, a little media and a lot of mentoring. I have been at the top and at the bottom and my story is wild and random but nothing shorts of God's amazing love.

Haley In Motion is a highlight of some of the insanely exciting adventures God has me on lately speaking, telling my story, motivating people, meeting world changers and telling their stories, singing, cooking, & helping build brands through creative impactful content .

You never know where I will be and who I will be with. 

 People ask me all the time what I do, and I am never sure how to answer because it all started in pursuit of music and now I am on an adventure across the country, loving others sharing my story and empowering women with a really cool project I can't wait to let you know about (y'all are gonna freak)!  

Bio's always make me cringe, but if you want to read a proper one with details of music, media, merchandise, & mentoring, click here.   


But for now, just know I am humbled you're here,


Ps. You and I are going to get along... trust me :)

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The Latest Movement


The most exciting adventure I've been on lately is having the honor to sing the National Anthem at a few NFL games. It's not a secret, the controversy surrounding the words "NFL" & "National Anthem". And I know that me singing is minimal in the fight to bring everyone together. 

My team and I HONOR all of those who put their lives on the line to secure peace and promote freedom. We are INSPIRED to join each individual that takes action to remove any hurdle to this truth for ANY individual fighting. 

We RESPECT the experiences of all Americans and pledge our determination to work for the ideals of our nation and won't rest until we share the reality of liberty and justice for all. 


check out my schedule here

November 4, 2019

If you feel like you’ve been tired lately from so many closed doors, broken places, plans falling through, opportunities that seem to slip away

faster than you can blink, this is for you. It’s time to take another chance, on love, on opportunities, on the dream that God’s given you.
I don’t care how old you are, how many times your heart has been broken, it’s time to take another chance, because fear is STILL a liar... 

April 23, 2019


Iam so excited to announce that today, I finally launched the podcast

version of my sports media brand, Jerseys and Heels !

If you haven't caught on already, I love sports. 

  What you may not know just reading is that I've got a really big project going on that may just included a potential TV show... I wanted to launch something in the meantime, and the podcast was the way... 

   Why a podcast? Well, I...

March 1, 2019

Why Are You So Thirsty? 

It’s a funny slang word that everyone knows is not the best compliment.

 “Oh, she’s thirsty” or “That girl is thirsty”

In a recent NY Times article, thirsty was defined as “slang, described as graceless need for approval, affection or attention, one so raw that it creeps people out.”

It calls to mind the panting tongues, bulging eyeballs, springing hearts and steam-shooting ears of Looney Toons characters....

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Fearless in the world of Social Media: 101
1780 Welham St
Fearless in the world of Social Media: 101
1780 Welham St
PLAN AHEAD: Creating Your Month of Strategic Content
Baldwin Harbor Apartments
The POWER of YOUR Message & Learning to EMPOWER Your Audience
1780 Welham St
Social Media 101: Be Fearless in the Unknown World of Social Media
The Heavy

November 3, 2017

18 days before another tragedy struck NYC as a truck ran over bikers on the NYC bike path, I was biking along that very same path, and in the beginning of the day I posted something on Instagram as I joked about "praying for us not to get h...

November 1, 2017

How many times do you look at your phone every day? Statistics say: Those between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones most often, with an average of 74 checks per day.

Americans in the 25-34 age bracket look at their devices 50 times...

October 26, 2017

I was just having a conversation with a friend about the absolute wonder my life has been the last couple of months with all of the incredible opportunity I've had and people I have met. We talked about the effortless knock of faith and God...

October 2, 2017

There's a BIG lie going around that you have to be perfect to be used by God. No one is saying it out loud, but everyone thinks it.

If your past is clear and you've got a clean record He can use you.

But in obnoxious Maury style,  that's...

October 2, 2017

Ironically I keep finding myself on stage with artists who are on tour, doing, you know... the music thing. If you're new to Haley's world, I'm a singer-song writer, and I thought I'd be doing the 'music thing' too.

 I mean by now, we all th...

October 1, 2017

"I appreciate trains, because it reminds me that there are other places that aren't here."

-Me Without You

   I never want to get to a place where I take my opportunities for granted. I think it's funny though that through a twisted kaleidosc...

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