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My Sports Podcast Just Launched, You Should Check It Out!


Iam so excited to announce that today, I finally launched the podcast

version of my sports media brand, Jerseys and Heels !

If you haven't caught on already, I love sports.

What you may not know just reading is that I've got a really big project going on that may just included a potential TV show... I wanted to launch something in the meantime, and the podcast was the way...

Why a podcast? Well, I mean that’s like asking “why a fanny pack now days?” Or “why Starbucks”...

Podcasts are THE THING and if you aren’t a podcast listener, you’ll end up having to jump on the wagon because eventually it’ll be an even bigger space where everyone gets their info ... So go ahead, click here and get you some Jerseys and Heels!

If you love sports or hate them, that's not really what this podcast is about. It's so much more and you'll just have to check it out!

Talk soon,



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