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7 Ships: A Docuseries That Will Impact Your life

7 Ships is a docuseries I recently created and produced with Pylon Football, the largest 7 on 7 organization in the country. It is full of life impacting stories from high school athletes all over the country. How I came across these stories was only divine and what unfolded will absolutely blow your mind.

I share the behind the scenes on the latest episode of Haley In Motion (bottom of this page) but FIRST I want you to watch the trailer:

If you want to dive in and watch all the episodes, here is the playlist :

7 Ships is a beautiful collection of heartache and triumph and I can't wait for you to watch it. For the latest episode of Haley In Motion, click this link below. You can also find it on Apple Podcasts as well.

You can follow the journey on Instagram, Twitter & TIkTok @7ShipsSeries

Sit back, enjoy, love y'all,



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