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Iam so excited to announce that today, I finally launched the podcast

version of my sports media brand, Jerseys and Heels !

If you haven't caught on already, I love sports. 

  What you may not know just reading is tha...


Moral of the story: on your worst days, comes the biggest VICTORIES ​. CHOOSE a GRATEFUL HEART. Thankful and humbled for the opportunity to honor our troops and this country while experiencing hardships and victory!


Hope Town Bahamas: The Best Kept Secret In The Caribbean. Come with me on one of the few adventures, as I introduce you to a secret little nautical town, unpretentious and full of light.


On this day in 2018, a girl who was originally never going to tell a soul, sat in the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan, on a national radio show, and told God's story in her life about having an abortion and being forgiven...

Managing Director at the World's Largest Financial Management Company, a White House Advisor, A Grammy Award Winning Artist & the coolest paster in America. They are all on my list of 5 MOST fascinating people I got the honor...

18 days before another tragedy struck NYC as a truck ran over bikers on the NYC bike path, I was biking along that very same path, and in the beginning of the day I posted something on Instagram as I joked about "praying for us no...


"I appreciate trains, because it reminds me that there are other places that aren't here."

-Me Without You

   I never want to get to a place where I take my opportunities for granted. I think it's funny though that through a twisted...


The homeless population in Portland is not shy of 'a lot', in fact it's almost as many as San Diego, and that's apparently the homeless capital of the US (don't quote me, not sure how accurate that fact is). I had just enjoyed the...


I love blogging.

But I always forget to.

   I actually hate blogging, because I'm pretty certain you have more to do in life than read what’s going on with me, Haley girl.

I mean, we hardly have time to text back let alone read...

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