Like most trendy people now days, I love coffee. But I don't like the new wave of "hipster" coffee that tasted like flowers and lemon Haribo gummy bears. I like the proper kind. The OG, French and Italian roasts with a dash of cream.

It's not burnt, it's proper. 

In My Kitchen

My  requirements to be a "foodie" is to: have a taste for creative, deep flavors and the willingness to appreciate and expound your pallet. Anyone is welcome to adventure! My taste for food can be summed up as eclectic, creative, striving for healthy, clean & absolutely delicious.

I am absolutely a foodie

My Epicurean Adventures

"Haley, we so enjoyed our time with you and all your epicurean delights."

- one of my top 3 favorite compliments

August 27, 2018

One of my favorite things right now about my life, is getting to literally get in my car and go wherever I want and do whatever I feel, and see whoever I'd like...

It was my little sister Holli's birthday and so, while planning my trips recently, and needing to be in Ci...

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