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National Anthem At Soldier Field: Soldiering On

Chicago, IL ... Soldier Field?! Are you kidding? What an incredible honor I had this weekend to honor our troops and this country by singing the National Anthem at the Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL game! It was pre-season but these fans were so HYPE!

(full video is at the bottom)

The story behind my morning prior to singing is no need to expound upon, but I will tell you this: because of a few set-backs and things that happened that caused me to not be prepared physically, mentally, or emotionally, I was panicking and almost didn't want to sing

During the sound check, I actually felt so insecure I stopped in the middle of it and decided not to continue. I told the tech team I was "good" and didn't need any more "sound checking". My voice was shaking and scratchy, and I wasn't on my game.

So, on top of whatever happened prior to getting to the stadium:

Usually when you sing the anthem at a game, you get a room designated just for you to hang in until the game starts.

So naturally I just relied on the opportunity to warm up in my OWN room ...

But little did I know that this time, when I needed the warming up the most, I would be sharing an old locker room with the color guard and about 75 pop-warner football players and their coaches.

So that "private" place to practice wasn't an option for me.

If you know me, you know I made the best out of it and got to hang with all the little jerseys and they were impressed with the vocals. Like one big happy family, I had to warm-up right there in the same room with the whole squad.

And THEN (insert any stressed emojis symbol here)...

About an hour before game time, I was notified of something that, well, any woman would want to cry about. Ain't no shame in my game, because I almost cried too.

Word came back that the ground crew for Soldier Field actually will not allow anything to pierce the field besides the players cleats. Which meant no heels on the field.

I'm sorry, what?

My options were: flats, slippers, bare feet (heck naw) or sending someone back to the hotel to grab some other shoes that were "Soldier Field" appropriate. To make it back in time with all the game traffic would have been a miracle...


and my shoes showed up about 5 minutes before

I walked out on the field.

Thank you God!

11:56am : GAME TIME...

It may have been pre-season, but these Bears fans were so insanely hype

and I decided to let go and sing like I do when no one is watching...

I went for it, and the stadium was LIT!

(Lit: #party#fun#cool#popping#turned up)

(play video)


Moral of the story: on your worst days, comes the biggest VICTORIES

CHOOSE a GRATEFUL HEART and know that if you're performing, there's an audience.

It's of One. He loves you so much and regardless of how "well" you think you've done, He just wants your best.

CHOOSE a GOOD ATTITUDE and love people even when you want your own space and your favorite heels. They will remember the way you act, and the way you treat them.

SING YOUR HEART OUT (or whatever you do, do it with ALL your heart!). You've sometimes only got one shot, and sometimes all the stress and things that have seemed like a set-back are actually coating your throat, and getting you hyped to sing the best National Anthem you've ever sung!

Thank you Chicago Bears for having me. I am so grateful!

Love, Haley

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