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Welcome to the adventure

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If you don't know me, you will quickly learn that my life is rolling always. A new space, a new hope, a wild story.


I sing, I create, I work with pro athletes, I hang out with kids in jail. 

And really, all I want is for you to feel like there's hope for you on the other side of whatever life brings. 


My story is full of disappointment but also great victory...

Please let me encourage you!


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The Last Movement


The most exciting adventure I've been on lately is having the honor to sing the National Anthem at a few NFL games. It's not a secret, the controversy surrounding the words "NFL" & "National Anthem". And I know that me singing is minimal in the fight to bring everyone together. 

My team and I HONOR all of those who put their lives on the line to secure peace and promote freedom. We are INSPIRED to join each individual that takes action to remove any hurdle to this truth for ANY individual fighting. 

We RESPECT the experiences of all Americans and pledge our determination to work for the ideals of our nation and won't rest until we share the reality of liberty and justice for all. 



The Latest Movement


The VERB Kind, a new mentoring program that focuses on Florida’s at-risk youth who are currently incarcerated. My team and I train and inspire and invite the ‘every day citizen’ to become passionate mentors for the children inside the Juvenile detention centers across the state of Florida.

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