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Dear Ms. Jean: A Letter to My Ex-MIL and The Unfolding Story Of Redemption

This is just the beginning of the unfolding in a redemption story that will blow your mind.

Dear Ms. Jean, I remember when I first met you and you use to introduce me to all of your friends like I was a shiny trophy at an award show.

You bragged on me and made me feel like the most incredible woman ever. Priceless.

My favorite time together was when I won the Serena Williams/Ludacris song contest.

Out of all those people, I won, haha!

I was awarded a trip to San Jose, CA not only meet Serena, but have my song that I wrote her play as she made her entrance on the court at her match. I had a plus one and clearly there wasn’t a question who’d be on the plane with me.

Because I knew Serena would love you (she did so much) &'re my Serena (Serena: means 'peace')

When I decided to move forward from my marriage (I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years to the month) one of the biggest aches I ever had was losing you as my Mom. There were layers of torment, but to lose you was insanely painful.

I married your son because I saw what you had and I wanted that for myself. I swear I did everything you taught me, showed me and prayed for me to do...

And as I pulled my own plug, the enemy tried to come in and cause disaster.

We were all in a place of brokenness and grasping for HOPE. Because of eternity and the bigger picture right in my face, the last 4 years, my deepest desire, more than a record deal, more than success, was redemption in the relationships that meant the most to me in my life.

No matter the circumstance, just a HEALING is what I longed for. Being misunderstood, lied about and tortured by the loose tongue of strangers caused me deep wounds that kept being opened.

But I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to wait on Him.

And so I waited...

In tears as I write the beginning of this redemption story out...

...The healing has taken place, and WE ARE ALL FREE.

Where it looked like an impossible fix, God came in like it was nothing.

And just LIKE THAT, fixed every little detail and restored it beyond what I imagined.

I know you have a new daughter now, and I know that the Lord

is going to use you in her life like He used you in mine.

I know she needs you and you're just where you're suppose to be.

I may not be your daughter, but now we are sisters...

and eternity is in front of us.

An eternal mindset will change the course of everything.

You are forever my hero.

I still want what you have.

I still look up to you and hope I'm half the woman, wife, friend, mom & daughter you are.

I always try to explain you to people, but it never equates to the EXPERIENCE of meeting Jean Castille.

You're an experience.

You are the reason Alabama wins so many of their games.

The woman behind the man who leads the team spiritually is the one to blame for all the favor, am I right?

I'm right.

Why tell our story? Because this is the impossible becoming possible because of OUR

awesome God and people need to know about it!

I love you,


Ps. heart beating fast as a push PUBLISH, but the world has got to know... hope is on the way for them.


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