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Sharing LIFE On The Eric Metaxas Show In NYC

I always say the 2 best parts about the "adventure stories" on HaleyInMotion are (if I say so myself):

#1. the convenient reading length (I try to make sure they are short & sweet)


#2. the crazy {bazaar} stories that happen to me, and how God continues to TOTALLY blow my mind. I share them mostly to document for myself, but also to share God's love. I want these stories to BUILD your faith, because

He wants us ALL to experience miracles.

Speaking of bazaar miracle:

The quick adventure I am about to tell you about, started back in December. I knew I was headed to Washington D.C. in January on the weekend that just so happens to be when BOTH the "March For Life" and the "Women's March" takes place.

Both marches.

Back to Back.

January 19th & January 20th.

I knew NYC was right up the way from D.C. and thought there MIGHT just be an opportunity to zip up the road and share my story or something, so I literally googled "most influential Christian men in New York City"...

On that list were men like Tim Keller, Jim Cymbala founder of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Miachael Luo from The NY Times, and Eric Metaxas.

Eric is bold, brave, and an influencer as a New York Times Best Selling Author and with his national syndicated radio show The Eric Metaxas Show.

For some (GODLY, divine) reason I wrote in to Eric and told him my story and the passion I have to share the {freedom of shame} as a "post-abortive woman" to others and my heart and advocacy for the sanctity of life.

Just a few days before I got a plane for my D.C. trip, Eric's producer emailed me an invitation to be a part of the show that NEXT Monday! Butterflies in stomach, smile on face, I IMMEDIATELY replied:

"Sir, it would be my pleasure to come be a part of the show!"

NYC here we come!

The morning of the interview I woke up with the same butterflies, but this time they were piercing. Was I really about to go on national radio and admit my choice I made when I was 20? Am I ready for this?

I mean, I'll probably never "be ready", but thank God it's never me anyway, it's Him who lives in me, so I don't have to ever worry about that part.

So in a sense, yes, I'm ready. He's got me.

My amazing precious team went to an amazing breakfast (pre-game meal you know?!) at The Butcher's Daughter. Clever name for a vegan spot 'eh?

FYI: Butterflies love coconut cream drizzled on almond flour pancakes, but they don't calm down for that either.

We grabbed an Uber and headed down to the financial district (Wall Street area), and entered a beautiful building with the most gorgeous hallway filled with white marble floors and gold trim. Up the elevator and we're here.

I won't bore you with all the details, because you can watch the 60 second highlight and hear the entire interview below. But it was bold, it was brave, and Eric and I gave life to others on that day.

My time with Eric was just another opportunity to turn my face towards the sky and say:

"Only you God. Only You."

One more miracle: The date of the interview, was January 22nd. It just so happened to be the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and a day in American history that abortion was legalized. On this day in 2018, a girl who was originally never going to tell a soul, sat in the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan, on a national radio show, and told God's story in her life about having an abortion and being forgiven. Now that, my friends, is a miracle.

Below is a 60 second highlight of my time with Eric.

Love you ALL!

Thank you for learning & living with me,

Isn't our God incredible!?


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