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What You Didn't Know About The Turn Up, When Jesus Jesus Turned Water Into Wine

Recently I was in Northern California and I found out something UBER spectacular about the story of when Jesus turned water into wine, I mean duh, I was in wine country, so it's is the obvious inspo I got...

and it's been buzzing in my heart ever since.

Most people (even non-Bible readers) know this story. It’s everyone’s favorite (insert eye roll and party emoji).

So, Jesus and His friends were at a wedding in Cana and his mom was actually there as well. On the third day (yes, day, these weddings were serious business), they ran out of wine and from what scripture reveals, it seems like his mom knew the host of the wedding pretty well.

It was obviously an embarrassing situation for the host of the wedding, and Jesus’ mom asked Him to do something...

At first Jesus told his mom it “wasn’t his time yet”.

Time for what? Well up until this point no one knew Jesus was “Jesus”. He hadn’t done any miracles yet. But something must have shifted in the conversation, because Mary told the servants to “do as he says”: and He turned up.

What Jesus actually does is not the biggest miracle of the night…

the real miracle is HOW he did it, and with what He did it with.

Below is the video of this incredible miracle and what took place that night.

WATCH IT BABE right here:

In Jewish customs, people would wash their hands and feet in big clay pots before entering the home. At this wedding, Jesus instructed the servant girls to grab those pots that were by the front door.

I’m assuming if you’re hosting a wedding, your home has potential to have other really nice pots laying around.

But what get’s me so fired up is that Jesus didn’t ask for those.

He asked for ones by the front door.

We can only assume that those pots were filthy and the most unlikely to be used.

Jesus does stuff like that.

He used the pots that people were washing their hands and feet in, and ended guess what they said about the wine?!

It was the sweetest wine they had ever tasted

That was His FIRST miracle and rumor has it it was a sign He loved to spread joy: which is obviously truth.

Jesus did a miracle in the most unlikely circumstance.

Which is the way has BEEN doing miracles and STILL doing miracles

You're a miracle pot in the making!

Love ya'll,


He wants to use you .

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