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Giving Tuesday: Save A Bird and A Baby

Calling ALL animal lovers, activists and leaders: were saving the storks!

Every time someone opens my email or hears that I speak for an organization called "Save The Storks", they always chuckle with the assumption that this girl is saving birds (awe how cute!)

I love to share that were not actually saving birds, but we're saving "the one carrying the baby", the mommy (and baby). Based on the facial expression, you quickly learn the ones passionate about humans and the ones passionate about animals.

Save The Storks

We exist to partner with pregnancy resource centers and give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever. We partner with resource centers all over the nation, providing them with powerful tools and training to more effectively connect with those women in their communities. With the support of people like you, we’ve funded 54 buses (35 are on the road and another 19 in production), and saved over 4,000 babies.

I want to invite you to partner with us as we make an impact together to help families all over the country.

When you partner with us monthly ($30 a month or a one time donation) you get a Stork's shirt of your choice AND you and your family get to be a part of our monthly newsletter that comes out monthly, so you can know what is going on in the movement to reach women all over the country. Click HERE to become a part of the movement to reimagine what it means to be "pro life" ... P R O L O V E

PS. This is inside of a Stork Bus, these are being paid for by people like YOU, reaching women in crisis pregnancy!

Thank you for joining me in the movement, to be PRO LOVE is what it's all about.

Love you family!


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