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Is A Life This WonderFULL Available For Everyone?

I was just having a conversation with a friend about the absolute wonder my life has been the last couple of months with all of the incredible opportunity I've had and people I have met. We talked about the effortless knock of faith and God opening an adventure more divine than I have even known what to do with.

I could start with a list of people I’ve been meeting the past couple weeks…

My friend asked,

"do you think a crazy supernatural life is available for everyone?"

FYI (and this one's for free): While on a family trip to the Smokey Mountains for the 4th of July, I was sitting on an antique bench in tears, crying to my siblings about how lost I thought I was and lonely I felt. I had just been through one of the toughest seasons of my life, and came to this manipulated conclusion that I had nothing to show for my life. I mean, I was elected “most likely to become famous" in high school, but I didn’t even have an official "career". When you’re in that zone, in your mind nothing you've done is good enough. What parent would approve of me for their son, as I felt I let even my own parents down? What corporation would choose me based off an unaccredited pretty basic resume?

I felt like time was passing right in front of me and I was standing with both feet in a bucket of concrete trying to figure out what direction to go in. The next week my phone rang, and the moment I picked it up...

everything changed.

Rewinding back to my friends question: she asked if the life of "supernatural miracles and wonder" is for everyone. And I immediately said, "Absolutely it is, but most people don't live it because they don't give God enough room to show off".

As I type, I am thinking about this past few weeks and still deciding if it would be fun to give you a little glimpse at the WHO on the list. Does it matter? Probably not, but this is what I want to chat about:


I believe a real, authentic supernatural life of favor from the divine hand of Father GOD doesn't favor creed, color or career.

It's not partial to skin tone or sex. It does not prefer some over others and it doesn't bend over backwards for the rich and famous.

Also, a supernatural life is NOT defined by meeting a bunch of famous people and getting upgrades for free all the time. That's called being in the right place at the right time, and the power of assumption based on looks not character.

A lot of people live this life, but that is not what we're talking about.

Being a white girl with a bold personality, coming from a GOOD home is called privilege.

Privilege is not favor.


Privilege is not supernatural.

It's the power the world gives, but we're not talking about the world's power.

Amen? AMEN.


A life of surprises, gifts, favor, and opportunity that happen out of your doing, not manipulation, input, of the influence of you or someone else. It's a life not planned out in detail, or dependent on who you know, but a life expecting answered prayers and always looking for the wonder.

It's a divine appointment in a football stadium or a back stage pass you happened to get from a stranger. It's a job promotion that wasn't even pursued and a miracle call from the collections department that your bill has been paid. It's one phone call with someone you don't even know, and it's one decision to say "Yes, I will go".

It's a life so EXTRAORDINARY that sometimes all you can do is giggle deep down in your soul at the constant miracles that take place, miracles that not even our human mind could comprehend.

And for the GRAND finally: It's a life of favor… and MORE FAVOR. I believe it’s one of God's FAVORite gifts to give His children. He loves taking care of us! And if it's favor, then it ain't us. And if it's not us, then He gets all the glory, we don't.

If you google the definition, favor is:

“an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.”


“to feel or show approval or preference for.”

The biblical definition? “Gaining approval, acceptance, or special benefits or blessings.”


So I'm just going to put it out there really quick since all my blogs are suppose to be a “quick” read.

I am not sure why I have some of the opportunities I do, and I never want to take that for granted or let myself "get use to it”… And I won't (accountability).

But this life isn’t for only me, It's for all of us. It's for YOU honey! Yes, you!

It's for ALL of God's children.

It's like this:

When you're God's child, and you live in The Kingdom (because you can't really get all the benefits of living like your Dad's the King when you live outside the Kingdom), you automatically get to experience things you'd never get to if you didn't live inside the Kingdom.

Or it’s like this:

You're totally invited to show up on Christmas morning, but if you aren't there when dad is handing out amazing gifts, you can't get mad when you don't get to participate (you should totally participate if you aren't already).

God LOVES His children so much - and being His child gives us access to things you wouldn't even believe. Through out my stories I hope to unpack examples and principles on this life, but for now, just a quick example and I'm out…

My Dad played football for a small Kingdom here on earth called "The University of Alabama". And because he played for the team and his coach happened to be the King ( Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, the most iconic face in college football and winningest coach of all time - stat may be off by a couple wins as of the 2000's but you get it), my Dad still get's FAVOR in situations to this day.

When he gets pulled over by a cop, if it's in the state lines of Alabama or the kin state of Georgia, my dad conveniently flashes his National Championship Ring hoping the cop will notice, or just happens to mention "Coach Bryant", and almost always, the officer would stop in his tracks and say, "Wow, is that a National Championship ring?!"... and that's all it takes.

The conversation would become about how amazing Alabama football is and the cop would forget why he pulled my dad over in the first place.

And just because he was "ASSOCIATED" to that kingdom, access and favor would follow.

The craziest part: that association has trickled down to me and my siblings and has been a "WOW" factor in conversation, interviews, etc.

You are a part of a much more powerful Kingdom, and your Dad is the King.


The real reason I started to blog more, is because people we're trying to convince me that most people's lives aren't as "adventurous" as mine, and the things I get to do. Well, most people just enjoy living vicariously through me...

I have gone through seasons of seeing the supernatural and sometimes it seems as if nothing is going right in my life. But I think most people just enjoy seeing the crazy open doors and favor in my every day life. I ask for stuff and I receive it. I believe for things and they come to pass.

Free coffee, divine appointments, and the list goes on.

But the first thing I would like to say is this:

Let down your agenda and give God a chance to mess up the pretty little pages in your planner.

LET GO! Release the ideal blue print of your life, because it's holding God back from rearranging the layout and showing you a fixer upper reveal you didn't even know you wanted.

Ask for BIG things

God isn't scared of your requests, desires, dreams or ideas. He wants to hear from you.

Believe Him and His word.

It's for the taking, and if you let Him, He will literally make you stop in your tracks from the miracles He has waiting.

Okay, one more story and then I'll really let you go:

One time I was working for a guy who was an atheist. Before I quit my job I walked into his office and told him, "I know you don't believe in God. But I want to challenge you to do something. One day, when you think about it, at the least likely place, just ask God to reveal Himself if He truly does exist. Just tell the sky you don't believe and ask Him to show Himself."

About a year later I got a call from that boss. He told me something that had just happened to him. "Haley? I'm at Islands of Adventure with my family. My kids wanted to go on this ride so my wife took them, and I was standing right by this rollercoaster and remembered what you told me. I thought, 'if any place is random, this is the place to challenge this god'. I looked up to the sky and asked God to reveal Himself to me. Just as soon as I said that, a very large group of black women just walked by with neon pink shirts and the shirts just happened to say, I'M CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.”

He could hardly speak. He didn't know what to say.

I don't know what happened to him, but I do know God is CLOSER than you think and if you give Him a chance, He's got miracles and wonders waiting for you under the tree!

Nothing I am doing is anything short of the hand of the Lord moving for me, so when I share, just know that part.

I'm OUT,


Ok I'm out -

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