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Pro Life Pro Choice And The Mermaid Suffocating In Between

Ironically I keep finding myself on stage with artists who are on tour, doing, you know... the music thing. If you're new to Haley's world, I'm a singer-song writer, and I thought I'd be doing the 'music thing' too.

I mean by now, we all thought so, right? I am assuming people have said at least twice, "poor Haley, isn't she gonna just move on with the music thing?" ... NEVAAAAAA! (Insert wink and laughing music face) or just a gif...

Well, Ironically I am on stages, on tours, hanging with artists.

Except I don't get to do what I'm "good" at. I mean, it'd be super easy and right up my alley to have the dj rock a track or the band start playing, come out on stage and kill it. I would be assured most everyone would enjoy and I would be accepted, loved and swooned over.

But actually, that's not my life right now. In fact, I go on stage and do the opposite of performing.

And the first night I was on one tour with Propaganda and King's Kaleidoscope, Propaganda was introducing me and said something so profound ...

He said:

"If you're going to be pro life, then you need to be as passionate about life OUTSIDE the womb,

as you are inside the womb. And If you're going to be pro choice, then you need to give the women an actual choice."

I'll never forget it, and I actually stole it for the rest of the tour.

#1. If you identify with or lean towards a Pro Life side, then great. But let's just make sure the motive is passionate love for life, and that our lives represent that passion even after babies are born and grow up to be adults. Does your life represent your deep conviction in the way you treat others on a daily basis?

#2. If you identify with or lean toward a Pro Choice side, then great. You and I believe we should have the right to choose. But because of the astounding statistic that 84% of girl who have had an abortion say they felt like abortion was their only choice, we have to offer them the incredible opportunity to CHOOSE and one of those choices should be LIFE.

But the bottom line is, both sides seem so volatile to so many, and the truth is there is a precious young women stuck in between.

One side seems to be encouraging her to "get rid of the problem" while the other side seems unsafe to be vulnerable and may reject her if she tells them what kind of situation she is in. She's stuck. So what does she do?

I was the girl in between. I was the girl who was afraid of both sides. And this place is dark, lonely and terrifying.

So how are we reaching these girls? How are we saving these souls from a choice they may not have made if they knew they actually HAD a choice and would be compassionately covered in GRACE either way?

IS there a place that actually exists?

I suppose it would probably be the church right?

Is that where she can go?

Can she come to your small group or your women's pastor and be accepted "just as she is"?

Are we washing the feet of these girls and showing them the love Jesus would show them?

Watch a quick 60 seconds from me, and then I'll let you go ...

That's all y'all,


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