Why You So Thirsty? A Message For (everyone) & The Singles

March 1, 2019

Why Are You So Thirsty? 



It’s a funny slang word that everyone knows is not the best compliment.

 “Oh, she’s thirsty” or “That girl is thirsty”


In a recent NY Times article, thirsty was defined as “slang, described as graceless need for approval, affection or attention, one so raw that it creeps people out.”


It calls to mind the panting tongues, bulging eyeballs, springing hearts and steam-shooting ears of Looney Toons characters. Or those mewling, suggestive, desperate-to-please selfies that people post to social media to elicit precisely that cartoon-wolf reaction — a type of image commonly known as a “thirst trap.”


 If you’re thirsty, usually means you act desperate for someone’s attention and you will take whatever you can get. 



Deep down it’s the result of being empty, unfulfilled and searching for something to fill that void.


Ironically Jesus (the ultimate SAVAGE) was the first one to EVER use the word thirsty to describe a person in search of love and acceptance.

  In John 4, He was sitting by the woman at the well. The lady in particular had 7 different husbands. The funny thing is, back then in Jewish culture, women were not permitted to divorce. People like to skip this detail and assume this lady was just scandalous. But infact, she was left 7 different times, and with that it’s easy to assume she was broken, insecure and looking for love that lasts. 


   She’s actually at the well, looking for water. Jesus approaches her and essentially shares:

  “you’re looking for water everywhere, but I am the only true living water. And you wonder why you’re still thirsty."


   In other words: Woman, I am the ONLY thing that will satisfy that longing to be accepted and loved, and while you are thirsty trying to find water, emotionally you are thirsty and I am the only one that will quench that thirst.



Jesus wants us to STOP with the constant need to move from one thing to the next, ESPECIALLY in our DATING life. 


But honestly, this applies to every single place in our lives...

 In our CAREERS, our luxuries, our pursuits.... what are we doing? 


 He is the ONLY one that can fill that void we all have deep down. All the single peeps, I made this for you: WATCH 



and then share it with your friends...



Love ya,
















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