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Two Things I Learned From The Homeless Comedian

The homeless population in Portland is not shy of 'a lot', in fact it's almost as many as San Diego, and that's apparently the homeless capital of the US (don't quote me, not sure how accurate that fact is). I had just enjoyed the most amazing brunch at a local, organic vegan restaurant (I'm not Vegan, but I love to eat at good vegan restaurants) and walking briskly to my hotel room and I wanted to grab an Americano with almond milk (always my go to) quickly.

This is Matt.

His eyes were piecing and I couldn't help but notice his beautiful smile. Always a sucker (compassionate) for a guy who's willing to use his talents to make some cash, or just hungry and in need of a hug.

I quickly headed towards the front door of the coffee shop he was posted in front of, and I turned around and asked him, "hey, would you like some coffee? What would you like"...

His response wasn't just, "yes, please".

He continued enthusiastically, "a carmel latte would be great!".


And in that moment, I smiled, because to me, that was boldness.

It was gutsy, confident and FULL of FAITH.

In that moment, I felt like God was saying,

"That is exactly how I want you to ask Me for things."

So #1, this beautiful homeless soul reminded me that God wants to BLESS me, and if I could feel THAT much love for a stranger, than how MUCH more does our Father love us?!

He WANTS to give us MORE that we could imagine, and He loves when we ASK with FAITH and actually BELIEVE He would give us such things.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find;

knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

I went in to grab my Americano and his carmel latte and he actually followed me in, offering to share one of his jokes. I told him he wasn't required to tell a joke for the coffee, but he insisted.

The joke was awful, and extremely inappropriate. So instead of getting weird, I said to him,

"Hey Matt, you know what!? God has't given you that awesome personality for nothing! He has given you that sense of humor as a gift to bring joy to others... so I am thinking you may need to retire that joke. Because you know, it's not helpful, and could potentially hurt people who have experience something you're making a light joke out of... do you have a nice joke to share?"

He shared the more appropriate joke (I think I heard it once in 5th grade), but none the less, it was better than the first one. As we grabbed our coffees, we went out the door and he posted back up on his corner. I looked at him and said enthusiastically,

"You are glowing! I mean, look at you. You have such a purpose Matt."

And then I leaned down and said, "Can I pray for you?"

and without hesitation, he responded, "You know, Jesus talks about this. He actually says not to pray on the street corners, but to go into your closet and pray where no one is looking..."

Chuckling, I said, "You know what? You're right. And I am headed back to my hotel room right now and I will pray for you there."

He shared his needs and 5 minutes later I was in my hotel room, praying for Matt.

#2. Humility will check your heart real quick, because Jesus doesn't need a show, He loves the heart.

I didn't tell you this story, or any story, for you to be impressed that I helped a homeless guy out. I didn't want to pray with Matt for others to see. But to be reminded of this was accountable, and a beautiful reminder that I am NOT the artist, God is. I am just the canvas He is using to bring glory to his name.

What's your motivation for helping others? What's the heart behind your posts, your words and your actions?

So #1. To come boldly and believe, and #2 stay humble before the King

These are BOTH beautiful reminders...

Thanks Matt.

Be bold you guys,


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